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There is so much hype around success and what it means to be successful that as a society we seem to have lost touch with real success.   This generational issue is compounding and we need to stop and ask “What are we teaching the future generations about success?”.

Furthermore we are now like never before experiencing a shift in dynamics around the ownership of private business.  The Baby-Boomer generation is holding the bulk of the private business assets but does not have a clear strategy on valuing and exiting these assets over the next 2-10 years.

Businesses who are likely to be considering their next phase of growth, funding, succession planing or even exit. Ross leads businesses and teams to success through authentic leadership and a genuine passion for every person to love what they do and be a part of building a great business and creating valuable assets that people want to buy.

Who Will Benefit from These Talks?

Ross speaks to audiences predominantly of Business Owners and Managers of Growth Business from early stage to around $100M revenue.  These will invariably be privately held businesses and family businesses who are :

  1. Stuck on their growth curve and needing strategies to reignite the business

  2. Frustrated with managing their business and evaluating what is next

  3. Looking to embark on their next phase of GROWTH

  4. Considering FUNDING but unclear on how to raise new capital

  5. Evaluating the next phase of the business with regard to SUCCESSION PLANNING

  6. Seeking to ACQUIRE other businesses

  7. Looking to SELL and EXIT their business

What Ross presents

There are 3 main themes Ross Hanson presents which are tailored to different audiences:

1. The Business Stuff

Businesses grow in leaps.  Whether you want to grow, fund or exit your business, Ross can cover a broad range of topics focused on helping private enterprises to create the next jump in their business.  Every talk involves sharing unique intellectual property and proven business frameworks which will give the audience significant value that they can take back to their business and implement immediately.

2. The Tech Stuff

Ross Hanson has over 25 years experience in building successful IT companies.  He has learnt what is takes to rapidly scale technology businesses and bring them to market.   Constantly evolving client businesses to adapt to change and embrace technology to acquire and retain customers.  Ross teaches business owners how to leverage technology or lead their market with technology.

3. The Personal Stuff

Ross has a personal goal to not just create successful businesses but also highly successful and functional business people.  He loves to present some of the deeper and unspoken truths about business ownership and the struggles business owners will encounter on the entrepreneurial journey.  These talks arm the audience with new information and frameworks that they can use immediately in their business giving them great value from the talk.

Everyone is different

Speaking from experience of growing, funding and exiting businesses Ross Hanson's talks are tailored to the audience.   As a technology specialist and business building expert, Ross welcomes an engaged audience and is happy to present in a workshop and interactive environment as well as a large keynote addresses.

Real Tools not Motivational Hype

At the core of what Ross presents is the overall goal to :

"Build Valuable Businesses with Valued Teams"

Ross inspires business owners and gives them real and practical tools they can use immediately in their business without the hype of a motivational speaker.

His down to earth speaking style resonates with the audience and shows them how to make the steps to their now success and not that success which has been defined by others.

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