Grow Fund Exit

Over the past 25 years, I have personally been involved in seven successful I.T. business builds and advised many other companies across a broad range of industries, from technology to manufacturing, distribution, professional and personal services businesses.

Each year my team and I, select a small number of clients to work with so that each one can get the fullest attention that is required to achieve the best outcome.

We work with businesses to help them move to the next stage and focuses on helping business owners to grow, fund and exit their business.  Our typical client is seeking to move their business to the next stage across one or more of the following categories:


  • Your business has stalled and it needs a kick start

    1. You want to create a great a buzz around your business

    2. You need to build a great sustainable team culture that attracts the best staff

    3. You need to build good strategy and processes into your business so it will scale

    4. You need better information about your business to be able to make better decisions.

    5. You have a great product and are ready to take it to the next level

    6. You are in need of a partner to help grow the business


  • You have ambitious plans but lacking funds to take it to the next level

    1. You have identified a unique expansion opportunity and need to execute on it now

    2. You have tapped into a new invention, process or idea

    3. You are seeking new investors for more than just cash and are looking for strategic alignment into new markets

    4. General need for Financing and fund raising

Exit (sell out and buy in)

  • You need an exit or are just preparing a succession plan with staff and family

    1. Corporate Disposals

    2. Acquisitions including market research

    3. Management Buy-Outs (MBO)

    4. Management Buy-Ins (MBI)

    5. Corporate and financial strategy

If you fit any of these categories then we may be able to help.

To register your interest please contact us.